I’ve always been intrigued by language, particularly spoken. The same word or phrase often means different things to different people, yet for the most part we communicate as though the words we’re using are subjectively identical.

Being someone who spends a not insignificant amount of time writing code, I’ve also become aware, by way of comparison, of several other aspects of language that are prone to misuse. Given the fact that our thoughts are constructed using language and we see our lives through its lens, I think it’s important to ensure we’re using it correctly.

As with most things I post, the attached video should articulate my point better than the accompanying writing.

Related: a substantial list of ways in which language can be intentionally or unintentionally used & manipulated, here

Been listening to this song on repeat in the car for the last few weeks, still hasn’t got old. Can’t figure out if it’s about someone leaving home or something more sinister, love it either way

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